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Strategy Development

Brainstorming - Unlocking information and making it useful

..."This is a very important document for us (Capability Statement) as it is the initial communication submitted to prospective clients”...

..."Your initiative and ability to lead strategic brainstorming sessions with senior management to crystallise what messages were to be included in the Capability Statement really was the differentiator between an average document and a great document”...

..."Thanks to you we have been able to get this document to be what we consider a real leap ahead of our competition using strong bold statements backed up with clear proofs of our claims and benefits to our clients”...

..."This has been hard work. Your ability to get the best out of us by keeping focused on the outcomes and turning out various thoughts into a sharp edged document is truly appreciated by our senior management team”...

Strategic planning - Increase market share in existing markets & developing new markets


Marketing documents - Appropriate tools to market your company and how to develop them

Tender Management, Design & Production

  • Tenders & submissions - Winning EOI, ROI and other tender documents
  • Logos & corporate identity design - Effective brand design and management
  • Websites

Word smithing

  • Development and writing of marketing documents including speeches, advertising copy and major submissions

Major Submission Management

  • Project management and production of your critical submissions

..."As an extra bonus, he is always extremely positive, enthusiastic and innovative - very much aware of the commercial realities of life but still exciting to work with”...

..."I have had the unique experience of employing Rob's services, on many projects, some of which involved budgets of hundreds of millions of $’s. In every case Rob has not only been a pleasure to be associated with but has always demonstrated the highest standards of professionalism and commitment to the client's needs”...

Skills Development

  • Senior executive training forums – Management overview about what your marketing should be doing for you
  • Presentation skills – Effective delivery of your messages
  • How to market without even knowing it – What you should be doing everyday for your clients/customers
  • Client marketing during project implementation – Make sure your win the next job and make the most out of the current one
  • Client entertainment – How to spend your money wisely and achieve required outcomes
  • ‘Working’ a business/social function - Make sure your staff deliver the right information to your target market

Project Experience


KDR, (Keolis DownerEDI Rail) JV, Public Transport Operation and Maintenance Franchise Tender
  • Worked with Senior Management for EOI & Tender Teams & wrote marketing plan for Tram Tender

Strategic Marketing plans

Hydro Tasmania, Engineering consulting services
  • Worked with Victorian Manager.
  • Start up business & marketing strategy, marketing tools and presenting plans to senior management.
Dental Health Services Victoria, Supplier to Dental Industry
  • Worked with Managing Director. Developed strategic plan to expand operations into new markets

..."The Strategic planning session that we did... set the ground work for my business development strategy over the past two years. This is the basis of the work i put in place to develop my business to where it is today”...


CMR Project Managers
  • Worked with Directors and Senior Staff. Client relationship management - group training


Shire of South Gippsland
  • Worked with Manager Shire Development, Department Managers and Staff. Mind set change facilitation of Group


KDR, (Keolis DownerEDI Rail) Joint Venture, Public Transport Operation and Maintenance
  • Worked with Tender Team. Senior editing role for Tram and Train tenders

Facilitation, Key messages & documentation development

Carson Group Project Managers
  • Worked with Managing Director and Senior Management Team.
  • Brain storming to develop Strategic Marketing response to company direction and development and writing of capability statement

..."This has been hard work. Your ability to get the best out of us by keeping focused on the outcomes and turning out various thoughts into a sharp edged document is truly appreciated by our senior management team”... ...“Your easy camaraderie coupled with an eagle eye on what had to be achieved enables you to get the best from them”...

Our Experience

Pearse Marketing & Communications has 35 years of experience and expertise working across broad market sectors including major infrastructure developers, regional businesses, constructors, manufacturers, designers, consultants and property owners. We work with owners and senior managers, in senior management, business development and marketing roles.

These companies include:

  • Keolis
  • DownerEDI
  • Transfield, Transurban, Transfield Obayashi Joint Venture
  • Walter Group (formerly Concrete Constructions)
  • John Holland
  • Arup
  • Jennings
  • Hydro Tasmania
  • Knight Frank
  • Davis Langdon Australia
  • Shire of South Gippsland
  • Trowbridge Consulting
  • Numerous regional businesses
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Digital On Hold Telephone Messaging

When you’re in business you need to take advantage of every opportunity to promote your company and point out the benefits of your products and services. What better time than when potential customers are waiting on the phone. Everyone needs to promote their business, but most importantly, everyone needs to promote their business properly.

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