What we do

Assist you to market your business successfully and generate more profit.

Our speciality is in working with your business to cut through the usual marketing ‘Mumbo Jumbo’. We have a no nonsense approach that enables you to deliver your critical 'key' marketing messages to your target markets and therefore make more profit.

“Rob is an individual who possesses great talent, experience and - most valuable of all - wisdom. In the many years that I have known and worked with Rob I have always found his insights, knowledge and practical advice to be invaluable. As an extra bonus, he is always extremely positive, enthusiastic and innovative - very much aware of the commercial realities of life but still exciting to work with”...

...” I have had the unique experience of employing Rob's services, on many projects, some of which involved budgets of hundreds of millions of $’s. In every case Rob has not only been a pleasure to be associated with but has always demonstrated the highest standards of professionalism and commitment to the client's needs”...

Martin Splitter, Managing Director

Where do we do it

Australian capital cities and regional Victoria.

How do we do it

Identify your key markets and key messages

Identify your key markets and key targets within those markets. Develop your Key Messages to ensure they are appropriate and focused on your target markets.

“ He worked with us to distil our ‘Key Messages’ and convert these into copy for our new brochure... very quickly understand our business, extract the right information... turn into tight copy and the right type of marketing tool specifically targeted at our new market segment.”

Develop your marketing tools

Identify and develop the most appropriate marketing tools for your business, including brochures, newsletters, web sites, presentations, advertisements, events, and many more you probably have never even thought of. Some of them won’t cost you anything!

..."In that we had just 10 days to get it completed, from a position of having nothing, our capability document is perfect. The work you did with our senior management team and the ‘strategic brainstorming’ sessions you used to extract information about our company and it ‘key messages’ was nothing short of fantastic”...

..."Your effort in turning this raw information into our finished product in such a short period of time was amazing. That you were able to manage the whole project including the writing, photography, design, printing and production made it easy for us to rely on you as the one source and ensured our incredibly tight deadline was achieved”...

..."Your attention to detail, empathy and easy working relationships you developed with our senior management team was great. Without it we could not have succeeded”...

..."Your work on the redevelopment of our web site in developing ‘key messages’ was great and enabled the web developer you recommended to come up with fantastic concept that we are very happy with”...

..."your recommendation regarding other marketing tools, in the form of ‘The little Yellow Box’ messages on hold system, for our Melbourne and Sydney offices telephone system has been very successful”...

..." I can see why the person who recommended you for this project was very comfortable in doing so”...

Doug McQuinn, General Manager

Train your staff to effectively deliver your marketing tools

Ensuring your staff is competent, enthusiastic and efficient as your business representatives and are able to deliver your key messages. Includes training workshops in presentation skills, how to ‘work’ functions, networking and what to do at business/social entertainment occasions.

..."My presentation was the only one that followed the format and directly answered the questions, and it certainly was the best slide show (the only one with fly-ins!!!). All of your tips about presenting helped as well, like not reading out everything on the screen. And I was able to finish within the allotted time”.


Over 35 years professional marketing/business/public relations management including running a Design & Manufacturing business across Australia and New Zealand for 8 years.

Several long term senior marketing roles in with major Engineering/Construction companies.

Own Marketing Consultancy since 2000 specialising in submission/tender work for large businesses and strategic marketing plans and implementation for many SME's, especially in Regional Victoria.

Running a national Telephone Message on Hold Business called 'The Little Yellow Box'

..."Your recommendation regarding other marketing tools, in the form of ‘The little Yellow Box’ messages on hold system, for our Melbourne and Sydney offices telephone system has been very successful”...

Free one hour initial consultation

Check us out to ensure we do know what we claim to do and that we will be able to help you. Depending on where you are there may be a travel charge or consultation by telephone will often do the job.

…"Sincerely thank you for your presentation… Your generosity with your time was fantastic. The initial half hour discussion extended beyond 90 minutes which was testimony to the current interest in the whole marketing discussion amongst our members”…
…"The frankness of your comments was timely and, for some of us, very sobering. I have had positive feedback from the members present even though it has given probably all of us a bit of a shake up!”…
…"You reminded us to focus on the “who” and the “why” which I think we have been aware of all along but now are glaringly aware of!!”…
…”our marketing subcommittee will go ahead, considering carefully the principles you highlighted…as we plan a strategy for the future”…

Jenny Stillman, President, Romsey Region Tourism & Business Association


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Digital On Hold Telephone Messaging

When you’re in business you need to take advantage of every opportunity to promote your company and point out the benefits of your products and services. What better time than when potential customers are waiting on the phone. Everyone needs to promote their business, but most importantly, everyone needs to promote their business properly.

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